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Founded as a for-profit business, for more than 10 years Reaching Up has worked in partnership with schools and recreation-based organizations to provide innovative programs that combine academics and enrichment.

When families indicated that they were unable to participate in our programs because of financial limitations, the decision was made to transition into a nonprofit organization providing the similar quality programming in schools and faith-based organizations at no cost for low income youth and families.

Reaching Up has been successful in forming ongoing community partnerships that have assisted in expanding our programs to include education and enrichment opportunities that support each family as a whole. Creating bridges to services and support for families increases their access to ongoing tools that will lead them to success.

The relationships that Reaching Up has formed with school staff, social workers, county employees, and churches aid in identifying families that qualify and will benefit from our programs. As a part of this tailored approach, Reaching Up is able to connect families to our programs as well as community resources.

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Please contact Reaching Up if you have any questions regarding our programs.
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