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  • Reaching Up Homework Help program began in 2014 as a nonprofit organization for families with financial limitations to provide programs that combine academics and enrichment.
  • Reaching Up has been successful in forming ongoing community partnerships that have assisted in expanding our program to include education and enrichment opportunities that support each child.

Serving the Needs of our Community?

  • At Homework Help the Staff & volunteers share simple kindness with students in a safe environment
  • We build relationships with schools
  • We support and encourage young people in the community to become better students
  • Homework Help gives high school volunteers a chance to explore career paths working with youth
  • We encourage students to use good manners
  • We work with students to give back by volunteering at Loaves and Fishes
  • Students learn how to be responsible
Contact Reaching Up

Contact Reaching Up

Please contact Reaching Up if you have any questions regarding our programs.
Contact Reaching Up


Homework Help can support up to 26 students that need transportation each day. We can accommodate additional students if parents are able to transport their child. At this time, we have 36 students enrolled.